joseph Cartron

    Joseph Cartron Creme de Peche de Vigne "Peach"

    Crème de Peche de Vigne “Peach” Liqueur
    The fruits selected to make the Joseph Cartron Crème de Peche liqueur are grown on the neighboring slopes of the Hautes Cotes de Bourgogne. Maceration lasts 10-12 weeks until the color and flavors of the peaches are perfectly transferred onto the alcohol. The length of the maceration is essential; it helps to protect the delicate flesh of these fruits and gives the alcohol the necessary time to penetrate right into the stones, freeing thereafter all their perfumes. This method ensures that the “Peche de Vigne” will fully develop all its rich & complex aromas. The nose is very elegant, lavish, & pure. There is no surprise as to the excellent origin of the fresh fruit. The mouth is round with a rich texture from purity of the fruit.  

    Awards and Accolades:
    - Silver Medal- International Wines & Spirits Competition 2013
    - Masters Award- Spirits Business 2010
    - Best in Class & Silwer Medal- International Wines & Spirits Competition 2010
    - Gold Medal- Concours Modial Bruxelles