Vizcaya Cristal

    Cristal Rum
    Vizcaya Cristal is a premium quality white rum with a satin-smooth finish, making it a versatile spirit to add to your bar. We like to think of this as the world's finest white sipping rum, and just like the VXOP, it pairs perfectly with your favorite cigar. Cristal is also a mixologist's dream; it lends sophisticated undertones to any cocktail, elevating even the most pedestrian of mixers to create a uniquely satisfying drink.

    Cristal is distilled from the juice of freshly pressed sugar cane using time-honored methods. It rests in carefully selected oak barrels, which gives it its distinctive characteristics. Vizcaya Cristal delivers unparalleled flavor, subtle complexities, and a polished finish that are reflected in the unique yet subtle notes of vanilla, sherry, and walnuts.

    It is equally enjoyable served neat or as the starting point for cocktails that will make you the toast of the town.
    Accolades & Awards:
    “Highest Honors White Rum Category”- Paul Pacult, The Spirit Journal
    Double Gold Medal for Best White Rum- The Fifty Best
    Gold Medal– International Rum Expert Panel, Miami Rum Renaissance Festival